Challenges for the food industry

The food industry, as one of the largest economic sectors, is undergoing a process of transformation. As part of this process, the industry is facing both current and future challenges. Existing challenges encompass maintaining product quality, addressing the growing emphasis on sustainability and traceability as well as combating rising energy costs.

Food production inherently presents hygienic challenges. For instance, food can be contaminated by bacteria, viruses or parasites and cause illness. Therefore, quality assurance measures are essential in the everyday operations of the food industry. Stringent quality assurance requirements and associated certifications are also heightening consumer awareness of certified products, emphasizing sustainability and transparency.

Future challenges include everything from producing more food with fewer resources to sustain a rapidly growing global population to devising environmentally sustainable solutions to combat climate change and developing novel food products with the potential to prevent food-related allergic reactions.

Forward-thinking solutions for food manufacturers

The food industry is facing a myriad of challenges. Innovative technologies that have the potential to revolutionize processes in the food industry are crucial for successfully overcoming them.

Are you looking for a solution for your food production that:

  • facilitates your processes,
  • optimizes your entire value-added chain,
  • increases the productivity and flexibility of your business,
  • helps make your business more profitable
  • and accompanies you on your journey to building the industry of the future?

With Plant iT, we provide you with a proven solution specifically tailored to the requirements of the food industry. Over 37 years of experience have been invested in the development of our object-related and PLC-based process control system, which includes MES functionality.

Explore the multitude of opportunities that partnering with ProLeiT offers. These opportunities span from enhanced recording and analysis of raw material qualities to optimized production technologies and comprehensive consumer information.

More than 225 installations
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Success stories from our customers and partners

For nearly 40 years, ProLeiT has collaborated closely with renowned customers and partners in the food industry. The success of our customers is also our success! Hence, we aim to forge long-term partnerships and write enduring success stories together. As industry experts, we at ProLeiT understand the unique challenges and needs of our customers. We support our partners through our modern solutions and extensive expertise.

Current reference projects

We showcase an array of selected customer projects. Discover the specific challenges, solution approaches and critical success factors of each project and be inspired. We eagerly anticipate featuring your project soon.


The family enterprise Dr. C. SOLDAN GmbH is the herbal drop specialist. In addition to ingredient quality, precise quantities are crucial. And that is why the herbal drop specialist relies on the Plant Batch iT MWS weighing system from ProLeiT.

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Swiss herb drops and herbal teas in bags and instant form: Kundert Automation relies exclusively on Plant iT from ProLeiT to automate the production processes for Ricola at its plant in Laufen, Switzerland. This provides numerous advantages for Ricola.

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Sowing beets, harvesting data: ProLeiT assumed the automation of the newly developed "PUMA III" plot lifter from the plant breeding company KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA. The particular challenge of this project was providing and setting up a control system for mobile use.

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Martin Bauer

Fully automated teatime: Reprogramming of the dosing unit for tea manufacturer Martin Bauer Group has provided ProLeiT with fertile ground for continued cooperation.

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Our customers

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Plant iT - the automation solution for food manufacturers

Over 37 years of experience in the food industry have been invested in our Plant iT process control system, ensuring it is perfectly tailored to meet the needs of the industry. Through our close collaboration with renowned universities specializing in nutrition, food technology and mechanical and plant engineering, we naturally integrate current trends into the ongoing development of our automation solution.

Current product highlights

Explore ProLeiT's industry-specific automation solutions – flexible, standardized and agile. With Plant iT, we provide the most cutting-edge solution for the food industry. The ProLeiT research and development team is continually enhancing our innovative product portfolio.

Line Management System

Minimizing downtime and maximizing plant efficiency - our Plant Acquis iT LMS add-on automatically, reliably and precisely records plant and machine downtime and ensures easy entry into the world of line management.

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Batch Orchestration

The Plant iT Batch Orchestration System (BOS) facilitates the management, monitoring and control of batch processes. It offers a wide range of options for interacting with running orders: Recipes can be dynamically optimized, expanded and standardized at any time.

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Weighing Assistant

ProLeiT's Manual Weighing System (MWS) serves as an intelligent weighing assistant, ensuring the clear processing of bills of material by visually and reliably guiding operators through the weighing process.

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Energy Management

Efficiently monitor and control energy consumption in your plant with our Energy Management system. Identify optimization potential and improve the long-term energy efficiency of your food production.

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Take a look at the many added values Plant iT offers

Plant iT is the modular process control system from ProLeiT GmbH and has been deployed throughout the process engineering industry in more than 110 countries for over 37 years. From operating data acquisition, process control technology, liquid handling and batch systems to functions for complete, location-independent production management (MES) and integration of ERP, LIMS and maintenance systems – Plant iT enables continuous control and monitoring of all these processes.

Thanks to a central engineering environment and optional modules, Plant iT can be expanded flexibly to meet various needs. Plant iT complies with the principle of "parameterization instead of programming". This means that individual programming is essentially replaced by the parameterization of technical and technological functions. Plant iT's system architecture offers maximum flexibility for changes, even during production, without the need to shut down operations. This time-saving approach offers our customers a distinct competitive advantage.

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