There are numerous good reasons to work for us. Excellent perspectives at ProLeiT.

For global players in the brewing, beverage, food, bakery, dairy, pharmaceutical/biopharmaceutical and chemical industries, we develop and supply automation solutions for the process industry on a worldwide level. Our process control systems and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are utilized in more than 2,100 production facilities, in over 110 countries.

In August 2020 ProLeiT joined Schneider Electric, the global specialist for digital energy management and automation solutions with more than 137,000 employees in over 100 countries. The addition of ProLeiT’s expertise enhances Schneider Electric’s innovative solutions and services for Consumer Packaged Goods, which bring energy efficiency and productivity savings, and significant benefits in reliability, people safety, equipment and sustainability.

As a medium-sized company we have a flat organisational structure with very short lines of communication. And we value a direct communication culture throughout the Group. Our company provides an environment in which the development of staff ideas is actively encouraged. We offer committed employees diverse opportunities in interesting and dynamic fields with excellent perspectives for professional and personal development both nationally and internationally.

Irrespective of whether you are just starting out on the career ladder, a career changer or an experienced professional, the ProLeiT mentoring programme provides you with the support you need. Our mentors offer advice and assistance during the initial period of familiarisation and training. And for anyone who is not from the local region, our relocation service addresses all aspects of your move in a hassle-free way.

A large number of our current employees actually completed their vocational training at ProLeiT in Herzogenaurach, for example as a Bachelor of Engineering, an IT Specialist or a Business Administrator for Office Management.

The goal of vocational training at ProLeiT is for you to be retained by us. This means that every year – as long as the respective conditions are satisfied – we offer our trainees the prospect of pursuing an exciting career at ProLeiT.

Health and well-being are part of our corporate philosophy and development practices. As such, we invest actively in the health and future of our workforce and offer them access to a wide range of benefits. These include, for example, a free selection of fruit and drinks, a variety of free sporting activities (with our in-house gym), free accident insurance, a company pension scheme as well as a subsidised canteen offering three freshly prepared dishes (meat, fish and vegetarian) each day.

Outside the working environment, we ensure our staff and their families have the opportunity to get to know each other better. This includes an array of annual company festivities and events for the whole family.

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A secure job in a future-driven company

Within the second year of operation, our customers and their production processes have been reaping the benefits of our process control systems. Our customers’ success is our benchmark as we strive to constantly improve our services. Customer satisfaction is therefore a number one priority at ProLeiT.

Our process control systems Plant iT and brewmaxx are installed in more than 2,000 production sites. We are one of the world’s leading solution providers within our core sectors. Meanwhile our process control systems are installed in more than 110 countries. In a number of globally operating organisations, our process control system is the standard solution. And as long as foodstuffs and consumer products are in demand, companies will be interested in producing them as efficiently as possible. This is the precise reason why we provide our customers with the process control systems they need and we are able to move positively into the future.

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What does process control technology actually mean?

“Controlling processes”. This tells people who we are, what we stand for and what we offer. Practically speaking, it means, for example, that we ensure,

  • your favourite yoghurt continues to taste the way you want and expect it to
  • your bread contains the same quantity of the same ingredients every time
  • your milk stays fresh for longer, as its automated production is guaranteed in the most hygienic conditions available.

All the said products are manufactured in so-called process engineering plants. These include, for example, dairy facilities, industrial bakeries, breweries and various plants in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Our process control system controls appropriate production plant processes by operating pumps, valves and motors.

Moreover, our control system is able to collect and process plant data before transferring it to higher-order software solutions, such as an ERP system (SAP). Production orders, for instance, can be accepted and processed and the consumption and produced quantity recorded. It is also possible to automatically prepare production reports that clearly show which and how many raw materials have been allocated to each batch during a specific period. This facilitates production planning and enhances production reliability considerably, as production orders can be traced easily. Our control system is therefore not only ideal for controlling the production of products but is also great for supplying useful information about the production plant.

Plant iT and brewmaxx are the product names of our process control systems, which facilitate the automation of production plants. A basic range of functions, such as controlling valves, reading measuring point data or regulating the temperature and flow rate, are pre-programmed in the process control systems and only have to be configured for the respective plant. Parameters include, for example, relevant addresses, the monitoring period, the measuring point range and the control parameters. Furthermore, the process control systems can be used to link the programmable logic controls (PLC), which operate the pumps, valves and motors, to PCs.

These PCs provide operators with a schematic overview of the plant. Authorised members of staff can therefore see which valves, pumps and motors are currently running and which temperature and pressure ratios are available in the respective plant. A process control system can thus be used to operate the entire plant from the comfort of a control room.

The image above shows the control room at the Warsteiner brewery, which uses brewmaxx for all its processes. Should a problem occur in the plant, alarm messages are displayed in the respective process images. This allows brewery staff to quickly identify the problem at hand and to choose the most suitable approach to deal with it.

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